Exhibitor’s Terms and Conditions

The Event General T’s & C’s

The ‘Organiser’ of the Canberra Home Building & Renovation Show 2019 is OGHB Pty Ltd.

Any supplier is eligible to apply for participation. Exhibitors are expected to offer professional and attractive exhibits and to share in the promotion of the Event to ensure the best attendance, and to reflect positive outcomes on the organisers, all Exhibitors and attendees. Exhibitors who also book a sponsorship for the event will be assigned prominent positions on the exhibition floor plan. All other applications are accepted and booths assigned according to the date the application form is received.


A 50% deposit is due upon receipt of the signed contract. The final 50% is due on or before 28 February 2019. All invoices are in Australian Dollars. If unpaid by this date exhibit space will be forfeited. Final payments by Exhibitors who wish to still showcase will be allotted space according to the remaining allotments available. All Exhibitors agree to pay the amount in Australian dollars as agreed and any applicable GST within 7 days of receipt of tax invoices.

In the event of non-payment of any fees due pursuant to the attached schedule or in the event of breach of any Condition on the part of any Exhibitor, all fees paid hereunder will be absolutely forfeited at the Organisers’ discretion and the Exhibitor will have no right to occupy any space allocated and will have no claim against the Organisers. In the event of forfeiture for any reason the Exhibitor will not be released from any liability pursuant to these Conditions.


Every Exhibitor must comply with all applicable laws and agree to indemnify and hold blameless, the Organisers in respect of any claim for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of breach of such laws during, or in conjunction, with the Event.

The Organisers will not be liable for the negligence of any Exhibitors prior, during or following the event, and each Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold blameless, the organisers in respect of any claim for loss, or damage of any kind arising out of, or in conjunction with the Event.

Exhibitors agree to indemnify the Organisers against all liability in respect to any action taken against the Organisers for any Exhibitor samples of any kind whether such samples be sold or given away freely, and includes any legal costs and expenses and/or any compensation costs and disbursements paid by the Organisers on the advice of Counsel to compromise or settle any such claims.

Exhibitors are required to carry out and maintain Public Liability Insurance in respect of the Exhibitor’s liability for death or injury to any persons, loss or damage to property arising out of the performance of the services in a sum not less than AUD$20 million. The insurance should be maintained in force at all times during move-in period, exhibition period and move-out period. A copy of the Currency Certificate of the Exhibitor’s Public Liability Insurance policy should be provided to the Organiser no less than seven (7) working days prior to the Exhibition start date. Notwithstanding the indemnity hereby given, the Exhibitor is also required to undertake arrangement of appropriate third party liability insurance. Where there is more than one Exhibitor occupying the same space their liability will be joint and several.


Neither the Organisers nor the Exhibition Venue will be responsible for the safety of any Exhibitor or any other person, property of any Exhibitor or any other person, the loss or damage of, or destruction to same, by theft or fire or any other cause, or for any loss or damage sustained by the Exhibitor by reason of any defect in the building caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning, national emergency, war, labour disputes, strikes or lockouts, civil disturbances, explosion, inevitable accident, force majeure, or any other cause not within the control of the Organisers or for any loss or damage occasioned, if by reason of happenings of any such event the opening of the Event is prevented or postponed or delayed or abandoned, or the building becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of the event. The Exhibitor agrees and undertakes to ensure their full replacement value, the contents of their stand and all associated equipment and materials.

The Organisers may, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances which render it necessary, mend or alter the location of the stand allocated to the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor agrees to undertake any alteration to the site, or the space reallocation by the Organisers. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety and security of their products, display and stand. During the move in and out period, material should not be left unattended at any time.

Whilst every care will be taken, no responsibility will be accepted. All Exhibitors are to insure against public liability, theft and other damages. The Organisers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any product exhibited. The Exhibitor will be responsible for any damage to the walls or the floor of the venue. Exhibitors are strongly recommended to carry out and maintain valid and adequate insurance to insure goods during transit and while on display, against damage/loss, however caused.

Security guard/s will be posted overnight Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30 6am – 6pm.


OGHB staff will be on site at all times, you will be provided a phone number before the expo, where you will be able to call and summon a OGHB staff member if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


The Organisers will, at its sole discretion, allocate booth space and positions within the Event venue or site to the Participants, taking into account the design and limitations of the venue and any other special circumstances that may arise. The Organiser is not obliged to make any changes to its allocation of space and positions, except at its discretion. The Organiser reserves the right to replan the allocation of space and amend booth space or position at its discretion.


The Exhibitor grants the Organiser a non-exclusive, non-transferable and royalty free license to use the Exhibitor’s brand name(s), logo(s) and trademark(s) on any material related to the Event. The Exhibitor grants the Organiser a non-exclusive, non-transferable and royalty free license to use the Exhibitor’s brand names, logo(s) and trademark(s) on any material related to the website.

The Exhibitor warrants that all information provided to the Organiser for use in any material related to the website is accurate and free from errors. To the extent permissible by law, the Organiser shall not be under any liability (contract, tort or otherwise) to the Exhibitor in respect of any loss or damage (including, without limitation, consequential loss or damage) however caused, which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect to the website or the act, failure or omission of the Organiser.

The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organiser from and against all claims, liabilities, losses (including fines and penalties), damages and reasonable costs arising from any claim, suit or action (including legal costs and expenses) arising from reliance on information provided by the Exhibitor for use in connection with the Event.


All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to admin@canberrahomebuildingexpo.com.au. A refund less 50% of the booking amount will be made if cancellation is received by 15 February 2019. No refunds will be made available after this date.


The Exhibitor consents to the personal information in the Application Form being collected and used by Organiser or its contracted service providers for the purpose of informing the Exhibitor of other services, Events, opportunities, seminars, conferences, trade fairs and other Event related activities that are organised or promoted by Organiser. Not withstanding the above consent, all personal information collected by Organiser will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Access to the information that the Organiser holds in relation to an Exhibitor, is available upon request to Organiser.

The Organiser utilises a secure real-time internet bill payment process which accepts credit card payments and which has the ability to directly debit a payer’s credit card for deposit payment and remainder payment only. The Organiser stores and transmits your credit card information in a secure manner consistent with international best practice. After the remainder payment has been processed all credit card details are destroyed.


All electrical equipment, appliances and leads used onsite at the venue must be tested and tagged in accordance with Australian standard AS/NZ3760. This is a mandatory requirement that applies to all Contractors and Exhibitors that use electrical leads and equipment at the venue. The Organiser reserves the right to arrange electrical faults to be fixed, at the Exhibitor’s cost, if the item(s) does/do not meet the safety requirement, tested and tagged before the opening morning of the show.


The Exhibitor shall move in to the Exhibition Venue according to the preassigned arrangements and within the time limits specified by the Organiser. Exhibits must be set up, packed down and removed according to the times stated by the Organisers’ schedule included in the Event’s Exhibitor Manual. Exhibitors agree to keep their booths open during published hours and are not to dismantle booths until after closing time and according to the Organisers’ move-in/move-out schedule.

Exhibitors are cautioned to assure the safety of small valuable items when not in attendance at their Exhibit booths as may be occupied by the Exhibitor.

The arrangement and payment for transporting goods to and from the Exhibition Venue, and the receiving, decorating and removing its exhibits are entirely the responsibility of the Exhibitor. All exhibits, Stand materials/Publicity Material and the like, of the Exhibitor shall be removed by the relevant Exhibitor immediately after the closing of the Exhibition according to the arrangements, and within the time limits specified by the Organiser. Any exhibits or Stand material/Publicity Materials and the like of the Exhibitor left behind at the Exhibition Venue shall be deemed abandoned and shall be disposed of by the Organiser at the expense of the Exhibitor concerned. All proceeds (if any) of such disposal shall be retained by the Organiser and the Organiser shall not be obliged to account the proceeds to the relevant Exhibitor.

The Organiser reserves the right to appoint one or more exclusive contractor(s) to handle the movements of all goods and exhibits in and out of the Exhibition Venue, whereupon the Exhibitor shall be obliged to hire the services of such exclusive contractor(s).


The Organiser shall have the right to terminate without notice an Exhibitor’s right to exhibit in the Exhibition and to close the Stand immediately at the Exhibitor’s expense in any of the following circumstances:

(a) if an Exhibitor or any of its representatives commits a breach of any of the Conditions; or

(b) if the Exhibitor conducts any activity which, in the opinion of the Organiser, interferes with the rights of other Exhibitors at the Exhibition; or

(c) if the Exhibitors display any product which does not correspond to the product listing as stated in the Application Form of the Exhibition; or

(d) if any electrical your stand has does not comply with the Australian standard or has undergone the herein testing and tagging procedures; or

(e) if the Stand is not manned by a representative of the Exhibitor for more than half a day, the Exhibitor shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Exhibition, and the Organiser shall have the right to use the Stand. The Exhibition Fee paid will be forfeited as if the Exhibitor had cancelled the participation as of such date; or

(f) if the Exhibitor is accused or convicted of any criminal offence or otherwise and so brings itself, the Exhibition or the Organiser into disrepute; or

(g) if the Exhibitor is in breach of any applicable local laws, rules or regulations.


The Organisers are not liable in any respect to any Exhibitor in any respect should the Event be cancelled, rescheduled or relocated for any reason. The Organisers or presenters may postpone or amend the time for the holding of the Exhibition and will not be liable for any loss occasioned, thereby provided that this right will be exercised only where circumstances arise to make it necessary.


No storage space is provided, as such all cartons and boxes are to be removed before the Event opens. Exhibitors must keep booths clean, safe and tidy at all times and must not spread displays out to aisles and non-designated areas. Exhibitors must remove all products and services from the expo and leave the site clean and tidy.


All Exhibitors or their representative/s, employee/s, contractor/s, subcontractor/s and/or guest/s attending the Exhibition will comply with these Conditions, and the rules and regulations stipulated by the Organisers and/or the venue, and all applicable laws. The Organisers reserve the right to prohibit or reject any Exhibitor or their representative/s, employee/s, contractor/s, subcontractor/s or guest/s in the case of failure to comply with this provision.

All Exhibitors and their representative/s, employee/s, contractor/s, subcontractor/s or guest/s attending the Exhibition agree to dress in professional and appropriate business attire for the duration of the Event. All Exhibitors agree to conduct their activities in a professional business manner and from their allocated stand only throughout the duration of the Event.

Further Exhibition participation requirements including the Move-in and Move-out timetable will be forwarded in the Exhibitors’ Manual.

The Organiser reserves the right to interpret, alter and amend any of these Conditions and to issue additional rules and regulations (including but not limited to the Exhibitors’ manual) at any time it considers necessary for the orderly operation of the Exhibition. The amended Conditions and the additional rules and regulations shall become effective immediately upon posting of the same on our event website at www.canberrahomebuilding.com.au.  Once the amended Conditions and the additional rules and regulations have been posted on our website at www.canberrahomebuilding.com.au, you will be deemed to have notice of the same and have accepted the amended Conditions and the additional rules and regulations. All interpretations of these Conditions and any additional rules and regulations by the Organiser shall be final and binding on the Exhibitor.

Canberra Home Building and Renovation Expo

Saturday 30 – Sunday 31

of March 2019

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